Railway Budget Full Of Noble Ideas, But No Plan Of Action: Nitish Kumar

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Patna: Chief Minister Nitish Kumar presented impressed by the Railway Budget in Parliament on Thursday Bihar, said he was fully “noble ideas, but no action plan.”
“It’s like a train car, but no passengers,” Kumar, who served as Minister of the band during the former regime NDA Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee told reporters.

Kumar, who saw the whole process of a package of budget presentation on television, said that while it sounds good no increase in ad rates, “but since the fall of prices diesel due to lower international prices, tariffs must be made small. ” “Bhasan hai nahi hai by karya Yojna” (set of his speech, but the san Action Plan) said, and apparently took a dig at Prime Minister Narendra Modi, “even though the budget was read by Suresh Prabhu was prepared well before the other person. “

Bihar CM expressed disappointment at the lack of notification of rail projects underway in Bihar as two production units in Chapra and Madhepura of Railway Minister Lalu Prasad in UPA Me Started.

“These ideas (Bullet Train) are good for display, but does not seem possible because it is a major investment and a great need for land acquisition,” he said.

About the new car design and increase the width of the door, Kumar said that these ideas came as railway minister during his tenure.

He said the government Narendra Modi tried applause by the extension of the railway network in Jammu and Kashmir and the northeastern states of Meghalaya and Arunachal Pradesh to win, while the fact that they started before.

“Narendra Modi Government is pleased that the completion of railway projects in J & K and North East is your time that happened,” he said.

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